The Week Ahead: June 23, 2013


IMG_2148Happy Sunday, everyone.

I have one day of travel, this week, which is good because it’s so nice to be home from SHRM13. If you can spend five days with 15,000 HR ladies and not come home questioning everything you believe to be true about life, you are amazing.

I cannot. I feel dirty.

Coming up this week on my blog? More about Syria and Brazil. Some stuff about Edward Snowden. Maybe a blog post about George Zimmerman.

The dumbest thing I read, this week? Data is Worthless if You Don’t Communicate It. I want to write really obvious articles like DON’T TOUCH THE STOVE WHEN IT’S HOT and JUST BECAUSE HE SAYS HE LOVES YOU DOESN’T MEAN HE WILL MARRY YOU.

I wonder if HBR would publish those?

Have a great week!

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