The Week Ahead: March 17, 2013


st pats-2Happy St. Scrubbins Day! Today is the day we celebrate all things ginger and all things cat in my house.

He loves it. Really.

Every Sunday, I tell you about a failed writing project. Since we are entering March Madness, I will take a break from writing (and drinking like a an alcoholic leprechaun) to tell you how I’m supporting rescue animals in a fun way.

  • First off, get this. is donating 100 Halo meals to shelter pets each time a NCAA team that has a dog or cat as a mascot that wins.
  • For every new “like” on their Facebook page, they’ll donate one meal to shelter pets.
  • For every new “like” on the Halo Pets’ Facebook page, they will donate one meal to shelter pets. is the web site started by 11-year-old girl, Mimi Ausland, 5 years ago.

Mimi donation

Every day you can go to the site and answer a pet related trivia question. For every question answered (right or wrong) donates 10 pieces of Halo Spot’s Stew kibble to shelter pets. They average 1.5 million meals a year.

So get off my website and get over to the facebook page and to the Halo Pets’ Facebook page. Then get back to your corned beef, cabbage and your green beer!

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