The Week Ahead: May 12, 2013


jmlr-ad1-300x250How are you guys?

I had a great week away from the blog. I worked hard to deliver a keynote speech in Grand Cayman. By working hard, I mean that I showed up and talked about social media.

It doesn’t sound tough but I am always concerned about delivering a good experience. Some people are self-funded and these conferences can be so expensive for regular HR professionals. I try to do my best and show respect and appreciation.

[But FYI this is why Jennifer McClure and I are launching our social media webinar series. If you want to learn more about LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter but can’t afford to attend a conference, we priced a series for hardworking people like you.]

Now I am off to the inaugural InfluenceHR. I am excited to see several old friends and colleagues I met back in 2007 when I first became a blogger and writer. We are either visionaries or bittereinders. Here we are, six years later, still talking about HR technology and marketing.

Ridiculous. We need hobbies, I think.

I’m also about two weeks away from my first half-marathon. Holy crap.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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