The Week Ahead: May 19, 2013


jmlr-ad1-300x250Hello, everyone. Happy Sunday. I am really excited about the week ahead.

More training for my upcoming race and a webinar with Jennifer McClure. And after traveling more than 10,000 air miles in seven days, I am glad to be home.

My ears hurt from all of that flying. Something that hasn’t happened in a few years.

So here is the stupidest thing I read, this week: Keynote by Hillary Clinton at SHRM Chicago Will Be Closed to Media. | The article is fine but I’m not exactly sure how an HR association can guarantee that Hillary Clinton’s speech won’t be covered by the media. Citizen journalists are everywhere. The Boston Bombing and the Mother’s Day Parade Shooting have taught us that if your mom has a smart phone, she can cover an event.

And your mom does have a smart phone. It’s probably the iPhone5. And she looks great at SHRM in her new Coldwater Creek tunic dress. She is snapping Facebook photos and hanging with her friends in payroll. She is not paying enough attention to ask Hillary about Benghazi.

But yeah I can see why SHRM would ban the media.

(Actually, I can. You never see media coverage of HRC speaking at private events. And this might be her team’s requirements. Maybe SHRM rolled over to keep her as a speaker. Can someone find out? And when is Fareed Zakaria getting kicked off the agenda?)

Have a great week!

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