The week ahead starts with September 15, 2013.


wallstreetHello, everyone. Happy Sunday.

Just a quick update on articles and media appearances for the week. No Sunday talk show appearances. No national news outlets. No op-ed pieces on Syria.

So, yeah, it’s pretty much like every week this summer. I will be at the beach.

And oh yeah . . . we are coming up on an important anniversary. Today marks five years since the economy went into the toilet. Remember when George Bush told us to go shopping and spend money after 9/11? Remember how you were encouraged to take out a home equity loan and get that addition on your house and that fancy new kitchen? Remember when you bought your new car? And then remember the financial collapse where banks were bailed out but you weren’t? And remember Lehman Brothers?

Bah. I don’t just blame George Bush. Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and AIG have escaped blame. No one has been prosecuted.

Five years isn’t a very long time. But five years will turn into ten and you will be arguing about guns, gays and abortion while the rich get richer.

But seriously keep your hands off my body, yo.

Have a great week!

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