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I’m just back from #hrdemo10 and I want to tell you more about it except that my undies are in a bunch about Glee. [Spoiler alert.]

First of all, I like that show. I need to establish that my husband and I sit down every week and watch it. We love its subtle edginess, the way it makes fun of itself, and the guest stars. Ken likes Santana while I freakin love John Stamos and Darren Criss.

What I don’t love? The fact that Artie got a ReWalk to ‘cure’ his paralysis.

What the hell?

The cool thing about Artie is that he’s a horny teen-ager who likes music and pop culture — and he is in a wheelchair just like thousands of other kids out there. There isn’t another character on TV like him and there isn’t another show out there that has the potential to reach millions of viewers and teach important lessons on diversity and ability. And now you gotta put Artie in an exoskeleton?

I’m not happy.

So I’m not going to talk about #hrdemo10 just yet because I’m too wrapped up in Glee, but I will tell you that this week is all about good & random stuff including a guest blogger on Monday, a few posts on careers, and a Friday post on Christmas.

Ho ho ho.

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