The World Cup is Not Like Your Job


I don’t mean to break the hearts of HR and career bloggers out there, but the World Cup has nothing to do with work.

There are no real parallels.

Work is not a game. There are problems to be solved and issues to be addressed. People in the real world work hard to cure cancer. They build roads and bridges. Kids are educated, food is harvested, and garbage is hauled away. In exchange for effort, people are paid salaries.

That’s work. It’s pretty simple. And it has nothing to do with sports.

Soccer is celebrity and flash. It’s drama and yellow cards. There’s a hot guy who may be gay and there’s an octopus who can pick World Cup winners.

How is this like your job? It’s not.

If I had a job where I worked with a hot dude (gay or not) and an octopus, I would still be in Human Resources. With my candy dish, yo.

The World Cup is fun to watch (sorta) and Ronaldo is dreamy, but there are no parallels to your job or your career.

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