There Is No Such Thing As A Vine Resume


If you are a Human Resources professional and you even consider hiring someone based off a Vine resume, you should be fired for dereliction of duty.

I love Vine — and I really like your cat videos, by the way — but this won’t do. You still gotta go through a valid and reliable recruiting process that doesn’t discriminate against qualified old people who don’t use apps like Vine.

Le sigh.

And I am really worried that desperate job seekers are gonna mimic this smart and clever woman because some tech journalist thinks that Vine is the 21st century answer to the resume.

You know what the answer to the resume is? Networking. Like this girl actually did.

I know, I know, I know. I sound old. I am not (that) old. I don’t want you to get off my lawn. Every time a new tool rolls out, HR and recruiting people jump all over it in a very trendy way. Remember when you were going to hire your next VP of Sales from Pinterest?

Bandwagons are so dumb. It’s starting to get embarrassing and desperate. And this is from a woman who once tried to develop a candidate pool by asking people to put their business cards in a fishbowl in exchange for a free lunch at KC Masterpiece in St. Louis.

Jesus. Let’s get it together, my friends.

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