These things I believe.


Joe Gerstandt told me (and you) the things he believes.

I was inspired and wrote my list. Much of it is co-opted from things I have read and witnessed. And my list reveals some truths about me that are cringeworthy, contradictory and weird. But it’s an honest list . . . . even if I’m not an honest woman.

  1. Life is hard work. Nobody escapes without experiencing sadness and pain. Then you die.
  2. Imprint memories of happiness and joy. Hold on to them for dear life.
  3. Yes, they are lying to you. The are out to get you. They want you to fail. Forgive them, anyway.
  4. Empathy softens the blow of life.
  5. Your religion doesn’t matter. Your actions matter.
  6. Even in your own story, you are not the main character.
  7. Addiction is an insidious beast. Fight like hell even when the battle feels lost.
  8. At some point, you will hurt the ones you love.
  9. Failure to try will haunt you.
  10. There are some accomplishments that will never be recognized. They still matter.
  11. A job is just a job despite what people tell you.
  12. Leadership is what happens when most of us aren’t looking.
  13. A majority opinion is just a collective compromise.
  14. The biggest threat to freedom is consolidated and privatized power.
  15. Consumerism oppresses creativity and kills the heart and soul of humankind.
  16. You are just like everyone else at the moment when you feel unique and special.
  17. Birthdays matter. It is the beginning of everything great and possible.
  18. There should be tenderness underneath truth.
  19. The greatest legacy is soft and unspoken.
  20. Without love, none of this matters.

What you are waiting for? Write your list.

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