Three Day Weekends Are For Suckers


Don’t you hate it when your employer acts as if they’re doing you a favor by giving you a three day weekend?

“No, really, take Monday off to spend time with your family. It’s our pleasure to give you the day to catch up on errands. Don’t forget to spend your stimulus check at Best Buy so you can do your patriotic duty and make America better by purchasing foreign goods.”

Geez, thanks.

When I was the Punk Rock HR Pro, I would walk around the office on Friday and tell people to go home early. Seriously, dudes, there is no work being accomplished on the Friday before Memorial Day. The honchos are gone, the phones are dead, and the sun is shining. Go spend some time with your family.

Then, true to form, I would leave.

Hey, I’m not here to watch your time, but if you’re reading this post from the office, go home!!

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