Time To Leave Your Job


I saw an article on Lifehacker called When It Is Time To Leave Your Job.

I felt inspired to expand on this subject because there’s nothing like a bossy HR lady who has planned thousands of layoffs to tell you when it’s time to leave your job.

Here we go.

  • Leave your job when you are harassed, disrespected, or mistreated. Victims shouldn’t be punished. Illegal behavior and bullies shouldn’t be tolerated. But companies are not designed to be victim advocates. Once you are exposed to the underbelly of an organization, there is no going back.
  • Leave your job when it’s clear that your baby boomer boss isn’t going anywhere. Sure, you can make a pathway for your own advancement — and it will probably come in another ten years. Why are you working for a company that puts you in a position to jockey around your boss, anyway? You don’t have time for those games.
  • Leave your job when the only exercise you get is slamming desk drawers. Everyone gets angry. Everyone feels frustrated. When you’re moved to express your anger in a physical way, it’s time to go.
  • Leave your job if there are more than two rounds of layoffs and you’re still there. Always try to go in second round of layoffs. The first round is sad. The second round is the best — more organized and thoughtful. The third round is a fire sale and the severance benefits aren’t worth the hassle. If you’re still standing after round 2, it’s time to leave on your own terms.
  • Leave your job when you would rather shovel shit than face another day at the office. Shoveling shit is not for the faint of heart. Have you ever dug a new garden in the hot sun? Worked manure and organic matter into the soil? Have you ever had blisters on your hands so bad that they’re beyond the stage of bleeding? Have you ever taken two Alleve (& then two more & then two more) and had to use a garden claw as a cane to help you get up from a kneeling position? That’s a yuppie dream compared to shoveling poop on a commercial farm. It’s tough work — but it’s time to quit your job if you would even consider it.

When is it NOT time to quit your job?

Before you have a new one.

Don’t walk away from a job because your career is going nowhere. Don’t walk off because your boss humiliated you. Don’t disappear because you are angry. Use the negative energy (and the time you waste on being angry) to find a new job. You would be amazed at how many of your current employers will give you access to Monster. You would be surprised how many ex-bosses would love to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Now go work on a strategic pathway to leaving your job!

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