Tips to Look Great in '08!


My advice for you.

  1. Shed your boss.
  2. Shed your crappy office wardrobe.
  3. Shed your poor consumption habits.
  4. Shed your Starbucks addiction.
  5. Shed your kids.
  6. Shed your dysfunctional family.
  7. Shed your cold-weather climate.
  8. Shed your germy coworkers.
  9. Shed meetings.
  10. Shed voicemail.
  11. Shed misunderstood email messages.
  12. Shed inter-office mail.
  13. Shed conflict resolution.
  14. Shed organizational effectiveness.
  15. Shed learning and development seminars.
  16. Shed budget car rentals and coach seats.
  17. Shed departmental fiscal responsibility in the wake of executive excess.
  18. Shed expectations of acknowledgment and recognition.
  19. Shed one-hundred-five-pound girls in tall, leather boots who serve as your office competition.

Most of all, I wish you the opportunity to shed compulsory team building exercises.

Shed those problems and look great in 2008!

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