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The good news about today’s presentation at The Social Recruiting Summit.

  • I think it went well.
  • We talked about our online voices, communities, and how to speak like a real person and not a HR or Recruiting flack.
  • I learned about Flock.
  • The audience really participated. Seriously. It was awesome.

Not so good.

  • I was audiotaped and livestreamed — and I hear that the quality isn’t very good.
  • I dropped the f-bomb. Twice. At least. (Well, that’s not bad for me but I think some people blushed.)
  • I mentioned that I stop following people who think Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate and I won’t talk to people who try to convert me to Christianity.

I had a great time. I was calm & assertive. I talked about Scrubby. Pretty good day, in my opinion!

Revised: Here’s a copy of my presentation, not that it means anything without cussing and spitting.

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