Tomorrow is Election Day


Tomorrow is election day in Michigan, although it doesn’t mean a goddamn thing because the DNC stripped Michigan of its national delegates and the RNC stripped Michigan of 50% of its delegates.

So here are my options:

  1. I could decline to vote.
  2. I could vote for HRC, Kucinich, Gravel, or Dodd — and I like Chris Dodd but he is no longer a candidate. (Way to be on top of the news, Michigan!)
  3. I could vote “uncommitted” on the Democratic ticket, which is supposed to be a vote for Edwards (if you ask one person) or Obama (if you ask another).
  4. I could vote for Romney just to fuck with the Republicans and avert a McCain victory.

This whole thing sucks. I live in a state that is hemorrhaging jobs and cannot employ its citizenry. I feel compelled to do something, but it makes me nauseous to publicly identify myself as a Republican — if only to make mischief. I’m sad to consider staying home. I don’t want to avoid the election. Has it come to that?!

I could vote for Ron Paul, but if I’m going to cross party lines, I want to disempower the Republicans (not empower a Libertarian).

Can I sell my vote on eBay? Can I fly to Nevada and caucus in the casinos?

What do you think, Suckers? What should I do?


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