Top Chef: The Gender Card



The whole entire world knows that Stephanie won Top Chef, last week. She is the first woman to win the competition, and I’m so thrilled because Stephanie is a reality star with credibility: she is an awesomely talented woman who grappled with her talent and self-doubt. She out-performed her peers, and she won the show with her credibility in tact. How cool is that?

I’ve watched Top Chef for four seasons, but I had no idea that there is a Top Chef blog. Furthermore, I had no idea that Tom Colicchio had something to say about gender and opportunities for women who aspire to be chefs.

I am glad Stephanie won because I hope it will encourage a new generation of women to follow in her footsteps and in the footsteps of other important women cooking today like Lydia Bastianich, Elena Arzak, H

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