Top Reasons Recruiters Don’t Click On Your LinkedIn Profile


There is only one reason why recruiters don’t click on your LinkedIn profile.


I think recruiters are discriminating against you because of your photo.

  • You are ugly.
  • You look old.
  • You seem mean.
  • You look cranky.
  • You don’t appear fun.
  • You have a sour disposition.
  • Your eyes are unsymmetrical.
  • Your facial expression lacks passion.
  • You are posing in what appears to be a mug shot.

A picture matters in ways that people would never admit.

What happens if you are a normal person who needs to work but doesn’t have the best photo of yourself? Well, you could fight the trend. Don’t put a picture of yourself on your LinkedIn profile. You could follow the statistics and apply for a job on a company’s website (or through a job board). Or you could get a lead through someone you know. Someone who can vouch for you despite your face.

Me? I like the idea of putting up a fake picture.

Do you have any good-looking, younger friends? Ask them for a photo. Post it.

See what happens to your response rate and report back to us!

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