I traveled too much for Pfizer, didn’t enjoy it, and I started to feel a little depressed towards the end of my tenure. Now that I’m back in travel mode, those feelings have returned.

Listen, I’m lucky to do what I do. I don’t dislike my job because it’s the best non-job-job in the world.

But I get on the road and I eat too much, drink too much, and miss my family. For someone like me — a woman who is only healthy when she has rituals and routines — traveling for work can be disjointing.

So this is all just to tell you that I’m lucky to be a paid blogger and writer, but it’s nice to be home with five cats, my husband, and our DVR. The privilege of being home is why I started blogging in the first place. It’s a value of mine. When I travel, those values seem further & further away.

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