What I Learned at Tru London Part 1


I traveled to the England and had a heck of an adventure.

Among many things, here’s what I learned at Tru London.

  1. HR people hate recruiters.
  2. Recruiters hate HR people.

This may be obvious to some and/or overstated to others, but I was surprised at the animosity in the UK.

In a fight between HR and recruiting professionals, there are no winners — only losers.

I’m betting that the HR industry in the UK will mature and adapt to the new economy, but in the meanwhile, I’m not sure how anyone gets hired in London. There’s so much vitriol and condescension. When HR professionals and recruiters are mired in a war for relevancy, it makes for a mediocre hiring process.

It’s also embarrassing as hell to witness the dialogue.

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