TruLondon II


I’m co-leading a session at a conference called TruLondon, next month, and I’ll be talking about the things I normally talk about: Human Resources, social recruiting, and technology.

Unfortunately, these are topics that I’ve banned from my 2010 vocabulary. I’m making an exception because I have all kinds of personal goals and ambitions.

  • I want to stop talking about the tactical elements of the prism of social media and help job seekers use these tools to take charge of their own careers.
  • I want to help HR and recruiting departments see a direct link between their behaviors and what’s happening in the consumer-driven marketplace.
  • Then I want to cure cancer, spay & neuter all stray animals, and find a solution the the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Obviously, a conference in London won’t change the world. I do hope that HR and recruiting professionals can come together and talk shop for the sake of their own personal development. If you can get a job 34% faster because a recruiter is able to match you with a job in a more efficient way, I’ve done something decent in this world.

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