Twelve Days of Christmas


I couldn’t remember when the Twelve Days of Christmas begin (is it before xmas or after xmas?), so I had to look it up on Wikipedia.


Turns out that the Twelve Days of Christmas — as a singular event — begins on Christmas Day and ends on Epiphany, which is also known as my brother-in-law‘s birthday.

I’d like to propose that we start to celebrate the Fourteen Days of Christmas because my birthday, January 8th, is a national holiday. Feel free to take that day off!

PS – Here is a video of the the Price of Christmas — given to us by Scrooge himself — who seems to blame the rising cost of items included in the song The Twelve Day of Christmas on the rise in the American minimum wage. (They always blame labor, don’t they?) I believe we can blame George Bush & the rising cost of oil.

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