Ultimate List of HR Blog Topics


I had a conversation with Lance, a few weeks ago, that went something like this.

Laurie: Why is everyone blogging about LinkedIn? So annoying. There are only six topics in HR blogging. There is nothing new to say.

Lance: That would make a good blog post.

Dang. So true. That guy is smart.

So in honor of our awesome conversation, here is the ultimate list of HR blogging topics. And there are 11 topics.

  1. Resume writing. If we’re not lecturing you on the format of your resume, we’re arguing about how many pages your resume it should be.
  2. Interviewing. HR people, including myself, love to tell you what to say and what not to say during an interview. We never make a hiring decision but we sure do have opinions.
  3. Fashion. It’s a bunch of frumpy people telling other frumpy people what to wear. Don’t listen to us.
  4. Wellness. Boy, we love to talk about wellness and lecture you about your health as we plan your company picnic with hot dogs, potato salad, and all the fixins. Yes, there will be sweet tea at your event.
  5. Leadership / Motivation / Ethics. How do you get people to feel good about work and support the mission, vision, and values of your organization? Let’s read business books and blogs from ivory tower academics who have opinions about it!
  6. Company Culture. If I read another blog post about Zappos (including my own), I’m gonna hurl.
  7. Compensation and Passion. “It’s not about the money, man. It’s about passion.” Right. Okay. Can I please talk to the adult in charge around here?
  8. HR Technology. Not as cool or interesting as real technology. Never will be.
  9. Teams & Change Management. How do you get a great team to work together? How do you improve teams? What kinds of team building activities are effective? How do you build a shortcut the change curve? How do you book a bowling alley on Tuesday at 1PM for a team building activity? (Answer: it’s easy. That bowling alley is never crowded.)
  10. The Future of HR. Are we relevant? Are we important? Do we matter? Does anyone other than HR care about the future of HR?
  11. Job boards. Are they alive? Are they dead? Are they the single biggest piece of crap in the history of mankind? HR professionals don’t really understand how people get jobs in America. Our recruiting processes are broken and we can barely get people hired into our own companies. We should just shut up.

Are there any more HR blogging topics? I don’t think so. And as you can see, I’m guilty of writing about each and every one of these topics.

I suck, too.

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