Undercover Boss: A Very Special Episode


I don’t know if you watched Diff’rent Strokes, but I believe TV was ruined by the concept of the very special episode.

For you young kids out there, something happened in the early 80s. Suddenly it was important for TV to teach us a lesson. We had to be better people. We had to say no to drugs. We had to have honest discussions about bulimia and the dangers of hitchhiking.

That’s right. Hitchhiking.

Twenty years later, the very special episode did little to change our lives — and now the star of Diff’rent Strokes has a lengthy arrest record and will never pose for nude pictures. Ever. He swears.


I just wonder how we got here. More importantly, I wonder how the concept of the very special episode will impact the show Undercover Boss.

I like a good reality show as much as the next person, but I really hope that we have one episode where the CEO doesn’t learn jack shit and takes down a lazy, disaffected employee. Not everything on TV needs to be a teachable moment, and I hope Undercover Boss can give us some authentic moments in the workforce.

Just once, maybe during sweeps week, I’d like to see a CEO go ballistic on a member of his team. Someone who deserves it. Someone who gets a big bonus and doesn’t do shit. I want to see the Undercover Boss go for the jugular and eviscerate one of his underlings — maybe the fool who recommends a task force or the shrew in HR who thinks that it’s okay to treat employees like widgets.

That would be some compelling television, yo.

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