Undercover Boss: I'm Watching This!


Have you heard about Undercover Boss? It’s a new series on CBS and it will premier after the Superbowl. CEOs go undercover and work alongside employees to get a sense of the jobs, the morale, and the overall mood of the organization. I’m excited to see the show because the British version had great reviews.

The CEOs who are participating are the real deal, by the way. Waste Management. White Castle. 7-Eleven. Hooters. These are companies you know.

How do you get the leaders of some well-known American companies to leave their executive desks and take on entry-level jobs in their own corporations — while television cameras are rolling? “We asked them very nicely,” said Stephen Lambert, the executive producer of “Undercover Boss,” a reality series that explores that very premise. On Monday CBS said “Undercover Boss” would have its premiere on Feb. 7 after the Super Bowl. CBS identified some of the participating executives as Joseph DePinto, president of 7-Eleven; Dave Rife, above, an owner of White Castle; and Coby G. Brooks, president of Hooters. They work clandestinely alongside their rank-and-file employees, looking for insights into their businesses while they get their hands dirty flipping burgers and emptying grease traps. – NY Times

Sadly enough, many CEOs could go undercover very easily. They are unrecognizable to most employees. An alias isn’t even needed.

This preview made me cry — and as a former HR professional, I am excited to see the President and Chief Operating Officer of Waste Management address employer branding, employee engagement, and FLSA issues on television. I wonder what Jay Romans, who is the Senior Vice President of HR at Waste Management, has to say about this episode!

I also wonder what your CEO would see & hear if he/she went undercover. Would you like to see your CEO go undercover? Would your CEO even work with the riff raff?!

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