I receive email on a daily basis — from readers around the world — asking for advice on how to find a job. Most of the messages are professional and direct, but some are heartbreaking and I never know what to say.

  • The global economy sucks.
  • The world is changing.
  • The old way of earning money is coming to an end.

The best advice I have for those of you who need to find work in America?

  • Decouple your ego from your job search and be open to earning short-term income in new ways.

You’re not too good or too smart to deliver pizzas if you need to make a mortgage payment. Your time isn’t worth more than $10/hour if you need health insurance. The world won’t end if you need to spend six months working at a coffee shop while you look for a real job.


Shoot, that’s depressing advice. Anyone have anything better?

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