Creative People, Superstars, and Unemployment


Don’t you feel like everyone in America is a failed creative person? Yeah, that’s because we are.

  • Some of us are writers.
  • Some of us are artists.
  • Some of us can knit like mofos.

We sing. We dance. We paint. Then we get a real job as police officers, plumbers, and receptionists. We feed our kids and pay our mortgages — and we turn our art into a hobby.


Do you want to be an anchorwoman? Love musical theater? Are you interested in sculpture?

Pursue those passions and be prepared to live the life of an artist, which is complete with crushing disappointment and poverty. Happiness comes in alternative ways, and you will work twice as hard for every single penny you earn.

It’s brutal and awesome in its own ways.


Want to buy stuff at the mall, have an apartment/house without cockroaches, and pay your cell phone bill?

  • Solve a problem.
  • Meet a customer’s need.
  • Build something.

That’s how money is earned in middle-class America.


Very few people can be creative and make money. Be happy you have natural talents and abilities, cultivate your craft when you have the opportunity, but don’t tell yourself that you are too brilliant and talented for a traditional job.

You aren’t.

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