Unemployment Productivity is Measured by Naps


I’m not sure if I shared this on the blog, but my husband has been away for four days. He’s due home in a few hours, and if there’s one thing I want him to see when he gets home, it’s a clean house.

Can anyone loan me a clean house?

Unfortunately, the best I can offer is a cursory surface clean and fresh litter boxes. I’ve been busy reading magazines, catching up on my C-SPAN, and playing with the cats. I also reapplied to take my SPHR exam because I’m short on recertification credits, I took some awesome naps, and I did manage to shop and stock the house with a few basic food staples: milk, bread, and ice cream.

This hasn’t been the most productive period of time for me — I didn’t organize the closet or take the old clothes to Goodwill — but I did manage to sleep until 11AM in the middle of the bed without any snoring interruptions.

Welcome home, husband!

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