Unemployment & Rationalization


Have you ever noticed how family members have a way of communicating that cuts to the chase?

I hate that.

Here are some of these things said to me by relatives, in-laws, and strange people who show up at my family events.

  • If a company can’t accept me for who I am, I don’t want to work there. Do I look like I just fell off the pumpkin truck? You don’t want to work anywhere.
  • I need to earn more than $7.25/hr. Because earning no money is better than some money? (*Frank Roche once said this. I can’t find the post or comment but I know he said it more succinctly.)
  • If I take a smaller job, it will set me back in my career. Where is your career going when you are jobless?
  • No one wants to hire me because I’m white/male/female/tall/short/skinny/fat. No, no one wants to hire you because you’re an asshole.
  • I don’t want to take a part-time job because it will eat away from my full-time job search. There are 24 hours in the day, bub. Use them.
  • I want my summer. Yeah, but your Mom wants you to move out of the house.
  • I’m not like you, Laurie. You’re not like me? Really? We were raised in the same broke-ass dysfunctional family.
  • I need to find a husband. This isn’t 1953 and no man wants what you have to offer.
  • I studied too long & hard in school to take a job outside my area of expertise. Have you considered the fact that your area of expertise doesn’t need experts, right now?

I’m only one of the top HR and career bloggers in America. What the hell do I know?

If your family is like mine, I feel your pain. I think some of this is rationalization. Making excuses is the way we protect ourselves when we expect rejection — and this job market has done nothing but reject the ‘traditional worker’.

I wish my family members (& yours) would stop talking and try something new. It would be better than what they’re doing right now.

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