Unemployment, Success, and Showing Up


Here is a behind-the-scenes look at Punk Rock HR.

  • I subscribe to a list of inspirational quotes for women who are looking for jobs.

No, I’m not kidding. I try to put myself in the shoes of job seekers so I can counteract some of the bad advice out there.

Today’s message starts out by telling me, “Eighty Percent of Success is Showing Up.”

Honestly, I agree that you can get ahead in life by showing up. Be on time. Be present. Pay attention. Do your job. We can debate the anthropological and sociological issues later. I think we can agree that being competent gets you pretty far in our idiotic society.

Eighty percent seems high to me, though. What do you think?

  • Is 80% of success just showing up?
  • What’s the other %?
  • If 80% is wrong, what’s the right number?

I don’t do math, but it seems a little fishy to me.

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