Unions & Beastie Boys


My friend, Kris Dunn, has a post about Swiss unions — or something like that. I didn’t really read the post. Sorry, Kris, but I am pretty much over any discussion that doesn’t offer smart solutions and address the reasons why unions continue to rage against the machine — such as health care, education, and safety.

I did, however, watch The Beastie Boys video at the end of his post.

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Kris and I are huge fans of The Beastie Boys. Music unites us. As members of the recording industry and union members themselves, I think The Beasite Boys have a vested interest in seeing unions succeed in a smart and thoughtful way. I want to direct Human Resources professionals who are interested in thoughtful union reform, smart health care reform, and The Beastie Boys to some interesting links.

  1. Andy Stern and Jeff Kindler: Why Health Care Reform Can’t Wait
  2. Analyzing the ‘Next Social Contract’ — Human Resources Executive Online
  3. The Tyranny of Dead Ideas: Letting Go Of The Old Ways Of Thinking To Unleash A New Prosperity by Matt Miller

This is America, and I would like to stop sabotaging our future and move the discussion beyond the old debates of sinister unions and paternalistic corporations. I don’t know about you, but I am done fighting over the entitlement of lazy, stupid, unmotivated workers. Let’s act like adults, fire employees who don’t perform, and have a new discussion:

  • How do we compensate 21st century American workers?
  • How do we create fair & innovative total rewards packages when we compete against workers in Canada, China, Burma, and the Northern Mariana Islands?

If we can include The Beastie Boys in that discussion, even better.

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