US Workers Can't Compete


U.S. workers can’t compete globally unless they work harder, writes Fortune’s Geoff Colvin.

I say that U.S. workers can’t compete unless they:

  • Learn math.
  • Learn some science, too.
  • Read more.
  • Stop fighting dogs.
  • Stop worrying about the gays and the Clintons.
  • Focus less on illegal immigrants and focus more on worker protection.
  • Have fewer, more educated children.
  • Shop less often at Wal-Mart.
  • Stop ingesting hormone & pesticide-laden foods.
  • Take fewer pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Take deeper breaths.
  • Watch less primetime television.
  • Watch more political news coverage and demand better media accountability.

I’m not sure if American workers are lazy, distracted or just stupid.
Fortune’s Geoff Colvin: Our couch-potato nation – Aug. 23, 2007

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