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collegetourflierToday is Veterans Day.

Quick story: I recently returned from Las Vegas and I’m done with that town.

I was appalled by the number of homeless men — many of whom identified themselves as veterans — living right on the strip. Some of the men were old enough to have served in Vietnam; however, I saw several self-identified veterans who were sleeping on the streets & seemed to be my age.

I am thirty-three years old. How is it possible that men in their 20s and 30s are fighting on behalf of America but unable to secure housing and employment when they return home?

That’s totally unacceptable to me.


One of my favorite organizations, IAVA, has an excellent page on its website that lists employment resources for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. I urge you to check it out — and donate to IAVA if you want to support a thoughtful and worthwhile charity.

You can also check out IAVA on Facebook and join the cause.


Happy Veteran’s Day, and thanks for serving this country under all circumstances and without exception. I’d like to send a special shout-out to my cousin, Devin, who is serving overseas and under very difficult circumstances. We miss you & we are thinking about you. Be safe!

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