Thoughts on volunteerism from Laurie (& some friends) — after too much wine and lasagna.

  • Most people who volunteer have issues with people. Psychological problems. Anxieties. Phobias. Know this before you give your time & energies to your favorite cause.
  • The biggest secret in most volunteer organizations? Sane people just write checks.
  • The problems most charities attempt to address are long-standing and very complex. You can’t show up on a Saturday afternoon and expect to change the world.
  • No amount of volunteering will improve your marriage.
  • If you don’t like people, you aren’t meant to lead a volunteer team.
  • When you start accusing people of having an agenda, it’s time to resign from your local charity.
  • Conspiracies are best left to governments and corporations.
  • If you’re looking for something to do, please don’t volunteer and expect immediate fulfillment. Rent a movie, instead.

Finally, here’s something many of us agree upon:

  • Nothing worth doing is worth doing for free.

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