Wait, What?


Personal post time.

  • I have strained hip flexors, which includes an irritated rectus femoris muscle, strained abbductor muscles, and a not-too-happy illiotibiol tract. Word on the street is that my psoas is out to get me, too.
  • I’m spending time at the gym on a stretching bench, with a stupid rope attached to my foot, partaking in a series of stretches that make me look like a member of the AARP.
  • When I’m not engaged in my geriatric stretches, I’m breaking out in a sweat on the recumbent bike.

No running, no long walks, no elliptical machine. Repetitive movement of the hips — beyond the exercise bike — is forbidden. I’m only allowed to pole dance if I take a bottle of ibuprofen before I shake my goods.

It’s a little embarrassing to be this sore at my age. In my completely lazy & unemployed state, I’ve managed to overwork certain muscle groups on my body. I’m not sure how it’s possible to overwork anything while drinking coffee at Starbucks — but I’ve gone and hurt my pelvis, yo.

In other not-all-that-interesting news, my cat is not diabetic. (Hooray!) We were charged $150 to find out that her blood sugars were around 330 (normal feline glucose is 75-150), and then we were charged $76 to find out that her blood sugar stabilized to 94. The vet was glad we retested my kitty (and glad that I have a high balance on my credit card), and he gave me a free urinalysis kit to use in my cat’s litter box. If she pees and it changes color, she may have unstable blood sugar.

Great. Thanks for the free sample of bad news.

My cat is also on another week’s worth of Clavamox, referred to as ‘puke-a-mox’ by the vet. Lucy isn’t vomiting, but she is threatening to go on strike if I put her in the cat carrier one more time.

Sometimes the world of Human Resources is much more interesting than my own real life!

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