Wake Me Up When November Ends


November is one of the worst months for working in Human Resources. There are

  • performance reviews,
  • open enrollment so you can pick your insurance benefits for the following year,
  • and general anxiety about the state of the workforce.

Throw in a few random comments about “the dangers of politically correct multi-culturalism” around the holiday season, and it’s enough to make my shit hit the fan.

I have answers — oh you know I do — to your burning, serious issues:

  • On Performance: If you are such a super-star, why is the stock price flat?
  • On Insurance Benefits: Do I look like an insurance broker? I’m not paid to help you figure out how to use your Healthcare Savings Account. We outsource that shit for a reason.
  • On Anxiety: Companies are always looking for a reason to save money and outsource your job to India. Don’t give them one.

On the war against Christmas… please… I can’t even go there. Not everyone in your office celebrates Christmas, but everyone celebrates a paid day off from the company. Just shut up and go enjoy the time with your family.

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