Want a Community Manager/Moderator Job?


Here’s a question about blogging and employment.

I might be qualified to weigh in on this one, folks.

Laurie, I am a marketing/PR professional. I’m applying to a Community Manager and Moderator position. Do I tell them about my personal blog? If not, how would I let them know that I know how to blog?

If your personal blog is anything like my old website, you wanna keep that stuff private. Trust me.

Here’s a secret that most social media gurus won’t tell you: any chump can write a blog. A community manager role requires an understanding of human behavior and motivation. You need a background in communications, marketing, and public relations. The job requires political savvy and the ability to keep members focused on what’s important to your organization. You’ll need to keep the brand first & foremost in your mind. Policies, procedures, guidelines, and good social media practices are important to master.

Can you demonstrate those skills, even if only in an abstract way, from your work history? Can you speak intelligently about those concepts and leverage relationships in the industry to show that you’re connected and fully competent as a community moderator? Do you have a professional blog that requires you to interact with readers and lead conversations?

If not, you probably won’t get that job. You’re competing with people who have all those things and more.

I would start to think about how you can set yourself up to qualify for the community moderator role.

  • Get on social networking sites and start moderating pages, groups and discussions.
  • Get active on social networks in a way that is relevant.
  • Volunteer by accepting a ‘social media leadership role’ in not-for-profit organizations and associations that are near & dear to your heart.

Finally, create an interesting and compelling professional website of your own. Manage the hell out of it. Manage it to success.

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