Warning: Your Employee Might Be This Mom


I was on the SHRM website, yesterday, and I saw this ad from Ceridian.

Scary. Very scary. Especially because this might be a “hidden” productivity issue.

So I ask — If it’s hidden, does it really bother your company?

(Ceridian would argue yes. And they are incented to make you fear this mom because they sell a product to ‘mitigate’ the risk of hiring this awful attorney-mom who hits the slot machines a little too hard.)

But even if you hire an attorney-mom who is a compulsive gambler, things are gonna work out just fine. Your organization will survive. Modern history shows that people work, people are unproductive, people get fired, people quit — and the world doesn’t end.

Until we have robots doing all the labor in this country, there will be risk. With risk comes cost. In the manufacturing world, we call risk (+ labor + overhead) part of the cost of doing business. It makes sense to attempt to eliminate risk (and cost) as best you can, but don’t expect Ceridian (or any other company) to completely eliminate the risk of hiring a bad employee.

That’s life. There are people out there who do stupid things. And those people will be your employees.

And besides, don’t judge this woman so harshly. Although she gambles, she doesn’t look all that scary. Maybe she can gamble and do her job just fine. Look at Bill Bennett.

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