We are overpaid, say US executives


This article and its byline are somewhat deceiving. Executives in America say that CEOs are overpaid, but the executives themselves are not necessarily overpaid. You see, the word executive is used to describe most people who earn more than $100,000/year. Using that definition, some union workers at auto factories who work a ton of overtime can earn executive-level compensation.

The article should say, “Workers at a higher level than the regular joe-schmoe think that CEOs are overpaid.”

That would be more accurate. PS – Where’s the news in that?

Here’s what I read in the FT‘s article: my boss doesn’t deserve to be paid as much as he earns — wah wah.

It’s not that I disagree. Most CEOs are overpaid, and CEO compensation rarely tracks with an organization’s financial performance. Much can be said about the regular workers in the rest of the organization. It’s not like many of us are evaluated based on thoughtful and relevant objectives. We just earn less than our CEOs so it’s not as noticeable.

FT.com / Companies – We are overpaid, say US executives

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