We Interrupt Our Normal Programming: Scrubby II


I spent Friday at the beach (and in South Haven) with Jesse and Boss of One — who are soon to be the bosses of a new baby and won’t have any time to spend with me after September 27th.

My day @ the beach was killah. I drank a juice box, some lemonade, a fuzzy alligator, and a rum runner. I ate part of a healthy turkey wrap, but then I totally devoured some nachos with guacamole. Then I ate some buffalo wings.

Yeah, basically I classed it up.

Anyway, I’m here to tell you that my day was perfect — and it was made even better when I came home and found out that Scrubby’s cupcake adventures made it onto Cute Overload.

Hells yeah!!

You could tell me that I won the lottery, right now, and I would be like, “Really? I don’t care. Let me tell you more about Scrubby.”

For his part, Scrubby is totes humble and won’t let this sudden stardom go to his head. As long as you feed him tuna flakes and rub his soft chin, he will be the same little guy. That’s why we like Scrubby. Simple needs for a simple kitteh.

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