How To Start a Wedding Invitation Business

Starting a business is something that many dream of but never do. Simply because they are afraid of failing and losing money. My recommendation is simply to start small with a business that takes little to no money to get started. In this case its an invitation business simply because it’s easy to start from home with very little money and equipment.

I started with doing Google searches for ideas for home businesses. I quickly found articles with titles like “101 Business Ideas to Start While Working” and “25 Business Ideas for Stay at Home Parents”. After ready these kinds of articles for a few hours I had a handful of potential business ideas. I enden up going with the Invitation idea because it really spoke to my interests and seemed pretty straight forward.

I went back to Google and used search terms like “How to start an invitation business” and “how to make your own wedding invitations on the computer”. I got plenty of great knowlege and ended up spending my first dollars on my new business. A whopping 17 bucks on a step-by-step guide. I found it on and it had all I needed from how to get costumers to how to make the actual invitations using templets.

The first thing I learned was that I did not have to limit myself to just weddings. There are plenty of events that people want great invitations for. The second was the many places I could sell the invitations. Places like Etsy, Zazzle and ArtFire. The third was what equipment I needed which wasn’t very much. To be continued….

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