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thinkware-was-directly-across-from-audi-where-we-spotted-this-pretty-lady-manning-the-front-deskHello, everyone. Welcome to the first Sunday of the rest of your lives. Did you have a good holiday season? Everyone make it out without too much damage?

I totally forgot that I was supposed to be at International CES, this week. I applied for a press pass, many weeks ago, because I was inspired to cover the booth babes who work at the show. While CES booth babes aren’t like auto show booth babes, they still exist. They aren’t going away. And these women make interesting career choices.

Who are they? Models looking for big breaks? Pretty women who don’t mind being ogled by tech nerds and industry analysts? I thought there might be a story wrapped up in there beyond the debate of whether or not booth babes are appropriate.

I wanted to ask, “What did you study in college? What do you dream about when you stand next to the refrigerator of the future? While you model the next juicer with a smart chip inside the motor, what’s on your mind? Do you really feel like this is the right stepping stone in your career? What do you think of Obamacare? Have you been paying attention to the ongoing issues in Syria?”

But then I forgot all about it until yesterday when I realized — Oh yeah, I have a press pass. I should go to Vegas, tomorrow. And I think Jessica Merrell might be going, and it would have been cool to hang out with her outside of a human resources event. (Go follow her on Twitter.)

But it’s my birthday week and I want to be home. Plus my running is about to start. And I have a corporate thing, next week, and then a few more things before I go over to London and Istanbul in early February.

No Vegas for me. I’m okay with that. But if you’re at CES, let me know how you enjoyed it.

And (oh yeah) I forgot to mention that some Boeing workers approved contract concessions. I think concessions are fine when they are fair and consistent. According to The New York Times, “A Boeing official wrote to workers saying they would still ‘receive market-leading wages and benefits.’ Many have base pay of $70,000 a year, with some earning $100,000 with overtime.”

Okay. Sounds like a decent wage. But James McNerley, the CEO of Boeing, had a total compensation of $13.36MM USD in 2012 and earned $64.44MM USD over the previous five years. And he has a nice pension, too.

Hmm. All I’m saying is that workers should be capitalists, too.

Now have a great week and make good choices!

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