Weekend Stuff


Here’s my narcissistic list of things that I need to cover.

  1. I contributed to an ebook called What I Know About Getting a Job. At first, I declined the opportunity. I don’t believe in working for free. Penelope Trunk asked me to reconsider and I decided that my relationship with Penelope trumps cash. This is a good book, and I’m glad she followed up and gave me a second chance to participate.
  2. The Evil HR Lady wrote an article called My Boss Sexually Harassed Me After Work. She quoted me and I appreciate it because Jezebel hated my original article.
  3. I’m off to BlogHer on August 6-7 to moderate a panel. This will be my fourth conference and I am excited… but I’m more excited to see the Job Track come to fruition. I’m really thankful that BlogHer responded to my suggestions and feedback. So awesome.

I’m just back from SFO and I had a great time with a bunch of wonderful friends. Here’s my obligatory travel-related iMix. Heavy on the 90s because I feel a little retro.

Happy Sunday!

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