Welcome to The Cynical Girl


For those of you who are here, please know this is my personal blog and not meant to recreate Punk Rock HR (which ends on 8/26) or compete with any other recruiting blog.

Besides, we all know that I have no competition.

Things to know about my personal blog called ‘The Cynical Girl’.

  • I will write about Human Resources and Recruiting. That’s what I know.
  • I will always give advice to job seekers. I did this before I created Punk Rock HR. That won’t end.
  • I will blog about my life and talk more about the things I know and love. I like more than just bacon and cats.

So there you go. Different thank Punk Rock HR — and yet, I’m still the same woman. It’s just an evolution of my voice.

Punk Rock HR is (almost) dead (to me). From the ashes, something better will (hopefully) emerge.

Or it will suck.

Let’s keep expectations low.

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