What Happens When You Give Notice


Do you wonder what happens in Human Resources once you give notice? Are you curious about what your manager thinks? Do you feel like everyone is watching you?

I have some experience with this scenario. Ha!

Here’s the scoop.

  • We are watching you. Suspicions confirmed. We want to make sure that you leave quietly. With dignity. No drama. You would be surprised at the stupid things people do when they leave a company.
  • We are watching your internet traffic. Don’t even think about leaking something, sending out company information, or being a jerk to your coworkers.
  • We are thinking of letting you go early. Some HR people will tell you to stay home during your notice period. Don’t be offended. We’ll pay you. Take the kids to the water park. Enjoy the time off before you start your new job.
  • If you’re really great, we might want to counter-offer you and tempt you to stay. Never accept this offer. Never. We will always wonder when you’re going to threaten to quit again (because we suspect it was just a fake threat) for more money.
  • Coworkers and colleagues will bug you and ask for the real scoop. Do me a favor and keep your yap shut. It’s not your job to expose the soft underbelly of an organization. Stick to your story. You’re leaving for personal reasons (blah blah blah).
  • We will ask you to participate in an exit interview. This a pointless exercise. You have the right to say no. HR never does anything meaningful with the data. Managers assume sour grapes. Employees are too afraid to burn bridges. If you have any questions about your benefits, use this meeting to clarify your questions — and get out of there without burning a bridge.

Getting through your notice period can be tricky. If you can remember that you’re paid to work — and not paid to indulge in drama — you’ll survive with your dignity and ego intact.

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