What I Learned While Speaking @ Mediabistro


Here are things I learned from speaking at mediabistro, yesterday.

  1. Job seekers blame HR when they don’t hear back after submitting a resume. Answer your candidate applications or risk damaging your employment brand.
  2. Workers know that work/life balance is crap. Don’t try to sugar-coat a low offer by playing up your culture and your benefits. Just be honest about the offer.
  3. Pay your interns. They don’t mind doing free work, but nothing ‘free’ is worth much. Pay them with access, engagement, or proximity to power if you can’t pay cash. The relationship should be win/win.
  4. Older workers know that you prefer younger workers. Lawsuits related to ageism will flourish. Baby boomers will not go quietly.
  5. Employees are super-suspicious of your job board. If you run one, you need to rethink your value proposition. Also, yes, I just used the words value proposition. That’s how much people dislike job boards.

I also learned to shut up and let people coach one another. There’s lots of good advice out there, and job seekers are coaching one another — both formally and informally. I love to see that happen.

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