What If I Can’t Get Anyone to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation for Me?


I was just asked, “What if I can’t get anyone to write a LinkedIn recommendation for me?”

I have a similar problem. I have worked with amazing people who would pick up the phone and make a call for me in a heartbeat; however, no CEO or CIO worth his salt would write a public LinkedIn recommendation. The company lawyers would kill him. And my HR colleagues can’t give public recommendations because they lecture employees not to give public recommendations. There’s too much risk and liability involved.

I wouldn’t worry too much about LinkedIn recommendations if you have great people in your network who’ve got your back. LinkedIn wants you to endorse people — and seek out endorsements — so that additional date can be collected. You are being profiled. Your data is being sold. That’s it.

If you have people who are willing to talk about your awesome skills, you will be just fine.

If you don’t have those people, that’s another story.

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