What I'm Reading: HR Edition


My tummy is sore, I’m not happy with the dude who cut my grass while I was out of town, and American Airlines lost my luggage.

On the plus side, I bought a new house (thus doubling my vast real estate empire) — and there are good ‘HR bloggy posts’ out there.

  • Human Markets asks us, “What would you resign over?”
  • Do women opt out to care for children, or do women default to the status of ‘caregiver’ when the economy slumps and there are limited employment opportunities?
  • A video resume site launches. Do you care? Do you want to know what your candidates look like before you schedule interviews? What if your candidate has blue skin and three eyes? What if that three-eyed candidate didn’t get the job? Would you worry about hearing from a lawyer?
  • Minimum wage just went up. That’s good for HR people because we’re totally underpaid and we deserve $5.85/hr!
  • Tim Tolan tells us his worst interviewing stories (as a recruiter, yo) on FOT. Go check to see if your stories are worse.
  • Lance and Etienne are engaged in an interesting discussion about ROWE. (I’m lying. There is nothing interesting about ROWE, but the back & forth between Etienne and Lance is awesome.) I don’t know about you, but I’m siding with Lance. ROWE is dead — because I’m bored with it. (Just so you know, I don’t like the acronym, either.)

Also, I like the BlogHer recap from HR Wench, and I’m giving a shout-out to two blogs:

Wow, guys, you got me. I’m both jibby and guilty as charged!

What else have I missed, today, that I *must* read??

This just in — the crazy cat lady, who used to be an employment lawyer, looks like Eddie Van Halen.
eddie van halen, crazy cat lady, the simpsons
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