What Makes A Great HR Blog?


I think about HR blogging quite a bit because I am lame.

I like HR blogs that allow me to hear the author’s voice even if I don’t know him/her. That’s how I feel when I read Fistful of Talent. I don’t know most of those writers IRL but I can hear them in my head. Most decent and respectable HR blogs are written by former practitioners who observe the market and are allowed to show some personality. There are some good analyst blogs out there, too. I always read the stuff written by Madeline Tarquinio, Josh Bersin, Mark Stelzner and Bill Kutik. There are more…

…sometimes I read the Knowledge Infusion blog but I run hot/cold on it. They end every post with the words, “Another infusion of knowledge…”

I hate that. A lot.

I rarely read HR vendor blogs. Some companies get it right. When they do, it is gold. I learn something about the industry and the marketplace. When they get it wrong, it’s a train wreck. I am not interested in people who are trying to sell me services/solutions while pretending to educate me as a consumer.

I know everyone is trying to sell me something, but I want it done with subtlety and respect. Don’t push a fugly infographic down my throat and pretend you’re doing me a favor.

So what makes a great HR blog? Well, if you are Human Resources vendor who wants to start a blog, I would ask yo’self a few questions before you get started.

  • Do you need a blog or do you just need a good content strategy? Would a robust schedule of white papers and webinars be just fine? (Probably.)
  • Can you deliver great content on a regular basis? You don’t need to write a book on a daily basis but you do need to be interesting, compelling and witty. And you need to remove that stick out of your ass. You’re not HBR.
  • Can you create a marketplace? If you write a blog post and nobody reads it, is it really a blog? (Note: you must be stoned to answer that.) Most blogs can get thousands of page views/day through a solid SEO and advertising strategy. That’s not good enough. Do you have the time it takes to create a dedicated group of readers who appreciate what you’re trying to accomplish?
  • Are you strong enough to let a few employees shine? There’s nothing worse than a blog post written by someone named ADMIN. (PS — that guy sucks.)

For most HR vendors, I personally recommend a multifaceted approach that does not include blogging. There are awesome and engaged communities out there. Go write a guest post, get involved in a LinkedIn community, advertise, or speak at a conference.

Don’t drop a ton of money on a blog that will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever reach an audience of buyers.

But if you really want to create a blog, do it right. Do it big. Do it with integrity. But first — talk to some experts and get a serious strategy before you publish anything.

It’s the same thing you would recommend for your clients, right?


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