What’s Next for HR and Recruiting Conference Marketing


What a long year. The 2013 human resources and recruiting conference scene is finally over. Other than a few corporate gigs, I am done.

Thank god.

I can only take so many vendor t-shirts and Facebook photos before I start to lose hope in humankind (and marketing). I don’t know about you, but I am ready for what’s next at HR and recruiting conferences.

You know what I think is next?

Slo-mo booths.

My friend, Ashley Bennett, created a DIY slo-mo booth for her Halloween party. Ashley is a designer and front-end developer who happens to be one of my running mentors. And Ashley is fabulous and ridiculously adorable as Miley Cyrus. Look at what she created in her apartment.

Halloween Video Booth from Amanda Price Rone on Vimeo.

I think it would be easy to replicate something like this at SHRM or HR Tech 2014.

  • You get someone who knows something about video,
  • you make a booth,
  • and you create chunks of sociable content for conference attendees to share.

If you have a video template ready to go, this becomes easy. Give the attendees some props and costumes, give them some HR lady music, and give them 60 seconds to dance in a booth.

The story basically writes itself.

Distribution is simple: post the videos on a social networking platform or you can ask attendees to pick up the videos the next day. Give them a stupid USB flash drive when they pick it up. Who cares? The point is to get that content into the hands of your fans ASAP.

So listen, HCM vendors, you are on notice. Just because you work in a boring B2B industry and exhibit at boring B2B conferences doesn’t mean that your marketing has to be dull.

  • No more t-shirts.
  • No more recyclable water bottles.
  • No more watered-down margaritas and martinis at your booth. (Although I will drink those.)

Dream big. Reach for the stars. Have more fun. And please give me a slo-mo booth in 2014.

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