When I Go Back To Work In HR: Promise #1


When I go back to work, I will stop buying clothes to make myself feel better about my job.

I am putting this in writing: I will commit to a simple, singular look. I will wear a uniform of simplicity, much like the guys in IT who wear the uniform of khaki pants and Vans.

I’ll work a look that goes something like this:

  • Slim or super-wide leg black pants
  • V-neck sweater or blouse — solid color
  • Simple jewelry
  • Wedding ring optional, baby!

Seriously, I’ll wear that look every single day until people start to wonder if I work at WaMu or BoA. They’ll ask me to break a $20 or count their change, but I’ll be immune to the petty comments about my wardrobe. If I get self-conscious, I’ll mix things up and wear a different pair of shoes.

In other words: I’ll invest in some basic clothing options but spend more time investing in life outside of the office. I’m forever done with the guerrilla shopping trips, dry cleaning bills, and the expense of professional alterations. I’ve come to realize that I will never find clothing that gives me the allure of gravitas because I HAVE NO GRAVITAS.

It’s time for me to embrace it, yo.

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