When Looking For A Job, There Are Two Americas


John Edwards on the TV show '.It hurts me to say this, but John Edwards was right. There are two Americas.

There is the America where you look for a job in a traditional manner. You review career websites. You apply for jobs online. You put your resume into an applicant tracking system and you never hear back from the employer.

Then there is the other America where jobs may or may not be posted. You don’t apply. Recruiters and hiring managers contact you.

I ask you — does that seem fair?

When most people are in a position of authority, they forget about the two Americas. Or worse, they don’t care. They follow a compliance-driven process and post a job on the internet. Then they mine their networks to look for that elusive, mythological passive candidate.

But you’re not most people.

I hope you remember that there should only be one way to hire people — the fair way that considers knowledge, skills and abilities above soft allegiances, networks and personal affiliations.

If you are in a position to hire someone, I hope you consider hiring a competent candidate instead of someone who possesses a particular type of pedigree.

Whatever you do, I hope you track it so others don’t make the mistakes you’re about to make. The unfair and unequal dualism of America can be addressed and harmonized through the proper interpretation of big data.

So keep good records, okay?

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